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Company Introduction

Technological advancement makes power is a necessity in our daily lives. Since our conception in 1960s, Uniross has been a go to brand for providing industrial level power to our clients. We are dedicated to provide smart energy solutions to  large enterprises, general consumers and everything in between.

Uniross continuously strive to innovate and improve on our core products: alkaline and rechargeable batteries. Through learning and innovation we can harness more power, more efficiently; passing on these efficiencies to our consumers. 

From our humble beginnings in the United Kingdom; with our current headquarter in France, we have branches and partners in Africa, Asia, Continental Americas and Europe.

Today we have expanded our range to many versions of portable power. We continue to be at the forefront of our industry. We has become a household brand synonymous with high quality batteries and power sources.

What allows us to maintain a competitive edge, throughout the decades, is strong R&D and manufacturing background. A background which works synergistically to create smart energy for our consumers. Quality energy which is equally affordable and reliable.

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Our Way

Our mission for Uniross is to innovate. Today, portable power plays a large role in the daily lives of all of our users. We want to provide new solutions in power for our users that extend the usage and life of our products. We live in a world where technology is constantly growing and evolving and things are changing all around us. At Uniross we plan to take advantage of these new technologies and pass those benefits onto our users.


How do we extend those benefits to our users?

•  Research and development of new power technologies

•  Improving the quality of our current products

•  Making use of our global network to make fast and effective changes

•  Maintaining high quality products at affordable prices

We believe the core aspect of our power solutions is value. To maximize the value of every power solution that Uniross creates has been our goal since our early beginnings. Today, Uniross has pushed our primary batteries, our alkaline and heavy duty batteries, to the same high standards as our rechargeable range of products.

In addition to this, Uniross has created power solutions for the latest in digital technologies, from digital cameras to hearing aids. Our efforts have extended to providing rechargeable batteries to our customers, in order to provide them with long-lasting products.

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Core Aspects of Operation

Our large presence across the world is successful through our ability to operate cleanly and efficiently. We operate on a four step platform.

Conception – Before making any large steps forward, Uniross spends a great deal of resources on research and development. Whether it is a new product or new way of reaching out to our customers, Uniross puts in the time needed to make sure every new business venture is one that strengthens our brand as a whole.

Quality – Through multiple certifications and audits, we here at Uniross have set a standard for all of our products to meet. We meet and exceed those standards before releasing those products out to the consumer.

Marketing – As the market continues to grow and evolve, we’ve examined its various changes and came up with ways to take advantage of new technologies. These new marketing techniques allow us to not only innovate in how we communicate with our customers, both old and new, but also improve the quality of our products.

Distribution – Finally, taking advantage of our worldwide presence, Uniross is able to distribute its products throughout the world with relative ease. Our multiple locations allow us to constantly meet demand and provide power solutions to our customers at a competitive rate.


Shared Values

Uniross has focused on not just following the latest trends in the rechargeable power and battery market, but setting quite a few of them as well. Since its early inception in the late 1960s, Uniross has always been focused on providing more power to people. With that in mind, we’ve constantly stayed vigilant on creating new ways to make power more readily accessible, efficient and affordable for all of our customers. That mindset also allowed us to meet the demands of the market at each and every turn, which includes providing for both large businesses and consumers.

How we were able to obtain this level of reliability is with our international network. In order to be a respected company across the globe to the countless people that rely on us for power, Uniross has made developments throughout the world.

Today, you can find us in Europe, Asia, the United States and North and South Africa. With a strong presence throughout the world, Uniross continues to remain at the forefront of change in the industry of batteries and rechargeable power.

Our goal has always been to be innovative, which has allowed us to provide more power solutions in a market that is ever growing and changing.

Our Social Responsibility

At Uniross, we hold all of our partners to a high standard in terms of providing fair labor conditions and acknowledging the rights of all employees. Uniross excludes any and all local practices that are not in compliance with its chart. Particularly, Uniross refuses the employment of children, ethical discriminations, and abusive working times and conditions.

We accompany our partners with the purpose of improvement in all of the aforementioned area. Our factory complies with the ISO 9001 Management System; as well as SA 8000 & BSCI Social Systems.

All of our products are made to reach international safety, environmental and social standards, such as CE, ROHS, PAHS, GS, UL, ETL, REACH, SA 8000, BSCI, etc. We also apply third party laboratories, such as Intertek, SGS, TUV and Bureau Veritas for testing, inspecting and certifying products.

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We care about our environment. Here’s how.


A Joint Responsibility

It is everyone’s responsibility to do their part in protecting the environment. At Uniross, we play a major role in providing smart energy solutions to our customers, which helps reduce their carbon footprint when using our rechargeable products.

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Ethical Purchase

When purchasing any of our smart energy products, you can rest assured that we’ve taken several steps to provide you with power while keeping the environment in mind. All of our batteries are designed to be operated for an extended period of time, which reduces the number you need to buy for operating various types of electronic products.


Reducing Carbon Footprints

We particularly pride ourselves in providing the most efficient smart energy solutions we can. Through efficiency, we want to help you reduce your carbon footprint and keep ours lowered as well.

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A Clean Process

It goes beyond our batteries and smart energy products though. At Uniross we’ve even dedicated ourselves to making sure that every step of our process keeps protecting the environment in mind.


Recycled Packaging

Every piece of packaging Uniross uses is made out of recycled material. We make sure that nothing goes to waste during our production process.


Continual Improvement

As we continue to move forward, we will continue to improve on the different ways in which we reduce carbon emissions and impact the environment.

At Uniross we are dedicated to not only preserving the world we live in, but making it a better place for future generations.

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