The Plusses

It can be a dilemma, should you opt for a multi-pack of single-use batteries, or invest in rechargeable ones?  Both have plus and minus points, and to help you make up your mind, read on and discover the low down on both types.

Before we start though, let’s cover the basics. Very simply, a battery is a portable energy storage device, and both sorts of battery create energy via an electrochemical reaction. 

To cut a long story short, the two types of batteries have the same basic components, namely a cathode, anode, and electrolyte. The small cross, positive (+) on one end is the cathode and the minus symbol (-) signifies the negative or anode.

When you insert these into an appliance, the connection is complete, and the flow of energy begins. This cycle is due to the third element, which sits between them, a chemical compound called the electrolyte. The electrolyte converts chemical energy into electric energy.