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An everyday solution to an everyday life, that’s what Uniross provides with our family of powerful, long-lasting Alkaline Power Plus batteries. Our batteries use the best in modern power solutions to provide you with the ultimate choice in powering your household. We are the smartest energy solution for all of your energy needs.

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Max Ultra Alkaline

These batteries are designed to last long when being used by high drainage devices. 


Modern electronic devices, such as digital cameras, game controllers, wireless devices and portable electronics use a large amount of energy. These devices don’t just require batteries, but they require a powerhouse, which is exactly what you get with our Alkaline – Max Power batteries. These batteries are designed to last long when being used by high drainage devices.


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Electrochemical System: Primary Alkaline Manganese (ZN/MNO2).


Ideal for high drain devices such as camera flashes, digital cameras and game controllers.

Lasts 2X longer in digital cameras versus standard alkaline batteries.

Guaranteed Life-span: 8 years

Power Plus Alkaline

The Alkaline Power Plus batteries are designed to give more power to you.


Add an extra boost to your daily activities with the Uniross Power Plus line of batteries. These batteries are used for devices such as remote-controlled cars, wireless mice, battery operated toys, portable electronics and much, much more. The Alkaline Power Plus batteries are designed to give more power to you. We’ve designed these batteries to last 40% longer in radios, 30% longer in remote controls and 50% longer in video game controllers. Remove the hassle of having to change your batteries constantly with Power Plus.


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Electrochemical System: Primary Alkaline Manganese (ZN/MNO2)


Useful for various devices, such as remote controls, remote-controlled cars, smoke detectors, wireless mouse, battery operated toys, portable electronics, wall clocks, radios, music devices and flashlights etc.

Last 50% longer in Electronics game.

Guaranteed Life-span: 8 years

Extra Heavy Duty

Reliable power at an economical rate.


What makes Uniross Extra Heavy Duty batteries the best energy solution is the reliable power at an economical rate. We’ve packed these batteries with as much power as they can hold and they will keep your devices for a long time to come. In fact, our Uniross Extra Heavy Duty batteries are designed to last 1.5X longer than Super Heavy Duty batteries! With all that power in such a small device, you can rest assured knowing that it will last long.

When we created our Extra Heavy Duty batteries, we wanted to find a power solution that was not only convenient for daily life, but also affordable. Our batteries are designed to not only be reliable, but also a great value to your daily life.


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• Zinc-Manganese Dioxide (Zn/MnO2)


• A reliable source of power at a great value.

• Recommended for moderate to low drain devices.

• Available in standard formats AA, AAA, C, D, 9V and 4R25.

• Guaranteed Life-span: 3 Years


Even under extreme weather conditions, these batteries remains safe & reliable.


Many electronic devices and electrical applications, such as digital cameras, medicales devices , wireless devices require a high energy density and stable supply. Uniross's Lithium batteries  provide the optimum performance; designed with a longer shelf-life than alkaline batteries due to their very low self-discharge rate; even under extreme weather conditions, the batteries remains safe & reliable.

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AA, AAA, 9V -> Lithium iron disulfide (Li/FeS2)

CR2, CR123A, CR-P2, 2CR5 -> Lithium Manganese Dioxide (Li/MnO2)


Excellent durability for heavy drain devices, such as Medical devices, Digital cameras, Smoke alarms, Computer memory protection

Low self discharge & Very long shelf life

• Exceptional endurance under indoor or outdoor extreme conditions

• Available in all standard battery formats: AA, AAA, 9V, CR2, CR123A, CR-P2, 2CR5

• Guaranteed Life-span: 10 years

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