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Industrial Alkaline


Industrial Alkaline

Industrial applications require more robust and long lasting batteries than for consumer electronics as they are often used in extreme conditions and in remote area where it is difficult to reach. Uniross industrial batteries are the ideal cost-effective solution for applications such as lighting devices, toothbrush, shavers, parfum dispenser.


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Primary cells Lithium Thionyl Chloride



Lithium thionyl chloride batteries come with a high voltage and high energy density. Their estremely low self-discharge rate make it suitable for applications which need long term storage. Uniross's Thionyl chloride batteries is capable to last up to 10 years as well as operating in extreme environment from -60 to +85.

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Uniross's Lithium-ion batteries are versatile and efficient that they can be deployed in many applications, from small devices such as Flashlights, computers to large sophisticated batteries used in electric vehicles. They come with High-Energy density, Low self discharge and required low maintenance.

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Ni-CD / MH

High Temperature / High Discharge. Power Longer, Cost less, Better Performance


Ni-CD / MH

Our range of High/Discharge-Temperature Nickel Cadmium and Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries are recognized and trusted by the most leading manufacturers and distributors as the batteries for robustness, reliability and performance in various markets, including Emergency lighting, Cordless power tools, Medical, Security. 

Our batteries provide high performance in an extensive range of applications and available in a wide range of size, capacities and configurations.


Capacity range of each cell size:

Different configurations available:

Optional Parts

Vast variety of cell & parts combination allows flexibility to customize for consumers' very own pack.