POM Charger

A Elegnat and Smart charger with 8 channels and USB Port to charge your smartphone at the same time.


Slots: 8

Cell Types: AA/AAA

Input: 110-240V

Charge Current: AA: 350mA / AAA: 150mA

Accessory: USB Output

Charging Time:5-8 Hours

With individual channel charging, you can charge 2, 4, 6 or 8
NiMH Chemestry cell at a time, AA or AAA types


8X Batteries Feature.png

8X Batteries

This slick object can charge up to 8 batteries at time while charging also your smartphone via USB. POM offers useful and new charger functions




Aesthetic mate-object that shows itself & integrates perfectly in the universe of your home or in your office

Elegant Feature.jpg


Charging your Smartphone..

Simply Plug your device into Pom using the USB Hub. The USB charging device starts. You can even charge your batteries and Smartphone at the same time.



Switch-Off Automatically

When the batteries are fully charged, POM will automatically stops the charging process. The indicator light will stay lit continuously in orange, indicating that the charge is complete and that POM switched off automatically. Safety timer is set at 9 hours maximum charge time.

Timer Control.png

Safety First.png

Safety First

Made of Fire retardant material as well as developed with Anti-Short circuit, Reverse Polarity & Delta-V protection to switch-off automatically to prevent charging cell when it is already charged or short-circuited.


Available Versions:


User manual: Download