Pro3T Smart Charger

A clever all in-one device that helps you quickly and easily charge/discharge all sorts of sizes and chemistries at the same time.

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The Pro3T does it all!

Ultra Versatile

Place any batteries anywhere into the Pro3T, and that's it! The charger does the rest.

Support different Chemistries as well as numbers and combinations of cells:

Ion / LifePO4: 10440, 14500, 14650, 16340 (R-CR123), 17500, 17670, 18350, 18500, 18650, 20700, 21700, 22650, 25500, 26500, 26650, 32650, 33600 


*Support protected and unprotected cell from 30mm to 71mm long; inclusive flat top cells.


Quick Charge & Precise Charging Algorithms

The powerful Pro3T comes with a charging current up to 5A and 4 individual charging channels as well as an USB port that can power up to 1A each, simultaneously.


Intuitive LCD Screen

Pro3T boasts a high quality VA (vertical alignment) LCD screen offering good viewing angles and effective blacks and contrast.



Functional Button

The charger has two switches combined in one rocker: 

SLOT: Used to select slot 1 to 4 to view a detailed charging information of your batteries.

MODE: Used to change the operating mode from CHARGE <-> DISCHARGE.

SLOT/MODE: Hold both buttons to activate the LiFePO4 charging program.


See Your Charge In Progress

The large LCD panel help you see at a glance how much power is left in a battery, the battery voltage, capacity, time, charging current, as well as monitor the overall progress of your charging/dicharging cycle.



Charging Mode

Insert the batteries and the charger will automatically detect the battery chemistry in each slot. Select manually by short-press the mode button to alter the charging current from 500mA to 1A for Li-ion and Li-FePO4 batteries. When charging NiMH batteries, the charging current is always set at the low charge current (500mA). The selected mode and charging current parameter will be applied to all inserted batteries. All five status bars will be solid when the charging cycle is completed, and the "Finish Charge" message will appear on the LCD panel. You can check the capacity, current voltage and charging time of each cell by pressing the SLOT button.

Refresh Mode

Pro3T will discharge the batteries at a controlled rate of 300mA before recharging them automatically. Short-press the "MODE" button to switch from CHARGE to DISCHARGE Mode. Once the Discharge & charge cycles are completed; the message "FINISH CHARGE" will appear on the LCD pamel and you can review the capacity (mAh), duration, battery voltage for both cycles by pressing the "MODE" button.


Battery Activation

Pro3T is capable of performing a rapid-testing within 10s and reviving by applying low charging current a depleted li-ion battery. If the battery is not activated after 10s; the battrey symbol will blink and message "Error" appers on the LCD Panel.

Charge Your Smartphone Or Tablet At The Same Time

The SmartCharger Pro 3T is equipped with an USB Port 5V 1A capable to charge any electronic devices at the same time as your batteries… The USB Symbol will start blinking on and off on the LCD Screen once the devices plugged into the USB outlet.



Anti Short Circuit, Bad Cells Detection & Reverse Polarity Protection

Develop to switch-off automatically to prevent charging cell with reverse polarity, Non-rechargeable cells, faulty cells or when short-circuited. The "Error" message will appear on screen.


Use It Anywhere

Pro3T has two power connectors; one for main input which can be used worldwide with its universal voltage and a power cord (120 cm) that can be adapted to fit a variety of electrical outlets (Available socket:  EU, US, UK, SAA) and a 12V DC 2.5A power cord (optional) allowing you to charge your batteries on the go!



Safety First

 Pro3T is made of Fire retardant material as well as programmed with a timer control; the charger will turn-off automatically after it charges the batteries for 24hrs continuously to ensure the charge is safe at all time for the user as well as the cells.. It is also developed according to the highest International safety standards. Certified CE, UL, ROSH, REACH.