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Uniross offers a full range of rechargeable batteries (Nickel-Metal Hydride) to suit every need! That's an ideal substitute to Alkaline batteries for most high drain electronic applications when it comes to Environmental issues & Money Saving. Uniross's wide range of capacities suit every need from low drain to power hungry devices!



Back in 2007, Uniross was the first company to innovate by launching HYBRIO, the first Hybrid battery. Absolutely unique, Hybrio rechargeable batteries come pre-charged. You can use them straight from the pack, just as a disposable battery! They are also low self-discharge. Even if it isn't used for a year, it remains charged! HYBRIO is a rechargeable battery which is ready at any time and also allows a longer period between charges therefore increasing the battery life. 

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Available In Various Sizes

Uniross's rechargeable batteries come in different sizes from AA, AAA to C, D & 9V. 

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Waste Less & Save More

Uniross's rechargeable batteries can be recharged up to 1000 times; this means it can replace up to 1000 alkaline batteries. It will not only help you save money but also reduce your carbon footprint by recycling and reducing waste. 

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Everyday Use

Works great in low & high-drain electronics devices. Uniross's wide range of capacities suit every need from low drain to power hungry devices.

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Better & Longer VS Alkaline

UNIROSS's rechargeable batteries have much better performance in high drain devices than alkaline batteries due to their flatter voltage drop-off. They stay at about 1.2 volts for almost 80% of their discharge cycle while alkaline batteries will deliver 1.5V at the start and gradually drops to less than 1.0 volts.

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A battery to suit every application.

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