Universal Charger

A functional & Versatile charger that can charge up to 4 batteries and multiple formats at the same time


Slots: 4

Cell Types: AA, AAA, C, D, 9V

Input: 230V AC 50Hz 7W

Charge Current: AA, AAA, C, D : 180mA / 9V : 16mA

Accessory: Car cord (Included)

Charging Time:1-2 Hours

With 2 channels, you can charge up to 2 or 4 AA, AAA, C & D and 1 or 2 9VA


Charge All formats Feature.png

Charge ALL Formats

Easy, practical and versatile as it can charge all battery formats, up to 4 x AA, 4 x AAA, 4 x C, 4 x D and 2 x 9V.



LED Indicator

LED indicator On: Charging

LED indicator Off: The Charger is switched OFF


Timer Control.png

Timer Control

Programmed to switch-off automatically after it charges the cell for 16.5 hours continuously to ensure the charge is safe at all time for the user as well as the cells.



Safety First

Made of Fire retardant material as well as developed with Anti-Short circuit, Reverse Polarity & Delta-V protection to switch-off automatically to prevent charging cell when it is already charged or short-circuited.

Safety First.png

Available Versions:


User manual: Download