Who we are

Uniross is a B2B company that designs, manufactures and markets ‘In-demand’ portable energy solutions.

Our innovative products and custom solutions make portable power more reliable, energy efficient and sustainable. With over 5 decades of domain expertise, our branded products & custom solutions have helped small, medium and large businesses across the world to gain a competitive advantage and capture larger market share.


50 years
Legacy brand




one stop for smart energy solutions

50000+ Retail Touchpoints



present in 70+ countries

Unmatched Quality & customer service


A Global brand

Uniross is a household brand synonymous with high quality, efficiency and reliability. From our humble beginnings in the United Kingdom our brand is now headquartered in France with branches serving global partners in over 70+ countries. We have shipped over 150million+ products which have been interacting with consumers via 50000+retail and online channels. This impeccable brand reputation has helped our partners to seamlessly ex-pand business footprint and capture market share in key regions.

Building new age products and solutions

At Uniross, we continuously strive to keep in pace with the changing demands and expectations of the new age consumer. Our R&D team is committed in developing and improving technologies and products through effective nurturing of consumer insights and using best in class prototyping and manufacturing techniques.

Core aspects of our operation


We ensure highest product quality through multiple certifications and audits. Stringent internal quality processes which allow us to carefully choose our suppliers for an overall high-grade output.


We have a strong belief and confidence not only in our team members but also in our external partners which has fostered long term relationships and help excel in our work.

Client Value creation

Our continuous endeavour is to keep improving our processes, products and solutions to offer a better value to our customers. We also believe in knowledge sharing that is beneficial for mutual growth and prosperity.

Environment Responsibility

At Uniross we work with highest integrity and compliance while reducing the impact of our technologies on the environment. Our products are rigorously tested and verified to meet the highest standards of norms for various countries. We are dedicated to not only preserving the world we live in, but making it a better place for future generations.

Our global approach to
sustainable development & Energy

Ethical Purchase

All of our materials are carefully sourced from trusted suppliers to ensure minimum impact on the environment. Our well defined purchasing procedures and policies guarantee no harm to animals and humans.

Reducing Carbon Footprints

We particularly pride ourselves in providing the most efficient smart energy solutions and exercising advisory for controlling direct/indirect emissions and use of clean materials. Through our communications we also encourage everyone to think about their lifestyle decisions and find opportunities to reduce their climate impact.

A Clean Process

It goes beyond our batteries and smart energy products though. At Uniross we’ve even dedicated ourselves to making sure that every step of our process keeps protecting the environment in mind.

Recycled Packaging

Every piece of packaging Uniross uses is made out of recycled material. We make sure that nothing goes to waste during our production process.

Continual Improvement

As we continue to move forward, we remain committed to improve on the different ways to reduce carbon emissions and impact the environment.

A Joint Responsability

It is everyone’s responsibility to do their part in protecting the environment. At Uniross, we play a major role in providing smart energy solutions to our customers, which helps reduce their carbon footprint when using rechargeable products.


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